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We work closely with title companies, escrows, lenders, and have prepared and recorded thousands of real estate documents for families, small and large companies, corporations, attorneys, banks, credit unions throughout The U.S. Canada and Latin America.

Title and Escrow Services

Title and escrow services

The work that title and escrow businesses conduct goes much beyond merely writing title insurance policies. Our title and escrow services go well beyond that. Prior to closing, we do a chain of title history search for your property, prepare an examination, create a title binder, and address any outstanding title issues. We may also offer title company services if you require one to store escrow monies. With over 20 escrow officers that uphold their fiduciary duty in holding money as their career, we have the experience and understanding to handle title difficulties as an escrow and title firm since 1998. As a title and escrow business, we ensure that everything is in order.


By having a member of our team manage your closing, you may be certain that you “own” your house. To guarantee that your interests are safeguarded following the closing of your new property, Title works in concert with your real estate agent, mortgage broker, and seller.


The finest place to close on real estate is Aventura Title Services. In addition to receiving first-rate service, you will have access to our cutting-edge technologies as a realtor. We at Aventura are aware of how crucial it is to complete your transaction. You will be able to take advantage of all the benefits our services offer once you engage them, like rapid payments, prompt closings, no hassles, short sales, paperless online transaction management, and more! We as a title agency would like to extend our entire range of services to you if you are a real estate agent or broker.

International Escrow Services

An international escrow company provides a secure intermediary service for transactions between two parties, typically involving high-value assets or sums of money. Below are some steps and practises we take to ensure a sucessful close.

We offer secure payment processing. Our experts hold the funds in a secure account until both parties have completed their obligations. Once the terms of the agreement have been fulfilled, the funds are released to the appropriate recipient.

With secure custody of assets, the escrow company may hold assets such as property or shares in a company until the terms of the agreement have been met.

As an international escrow company we must ensure compliance with local laws and regulations in different countries, ensuring that the transaction is legally sound.


Overall, our role as an international escrow company is to act as a neutral third party that provides assurance to both parties in a transaction that their interests are being protected and the terms of the agreement are being met.




We provide International Escrow Services through our trusted partners in both Fiat & digital assets.

NFT & Digital Escrow services are provided by one of our third parties and are subject to jurisdiction, applicable laws, and regulations. The digital market is young and evolving by the day. Please send a request form for more information. 

what our clients are saying

This was the third purchase I made via Escrow, and everything proceeded without a hitch. Support is actively engaged. The only problem is that they must adhere to rigid standard processes. They only permitted emails, thus I would have preferred to receive the EPP code through an encrypted channel. Other than that the process was smooth.
Mary Anne
Wonderful experience. particularly with Jay's assistance, one of the account managers. His commitment and encouragement are invaluable.

Lauren Richardson
Very quick replies, always there to help, and were fantastic at dealing with a sale of an asset that was my baby for 3 years. They handled everything with precision, care, and attention. Thank you to Stephanie and the rest of the Aventura title services. I will be using you for future endeavors and even bigger sales.

Darius Bower



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